Julius Caesar and the Famous Five

Posted on September 19, 2014


George from the Famous FiveAfter last week’s failure to flog Taste the Bright Lights for four grand (used; signed), I have this week been investigating budget measures to keep me in fiction throughout the winter (damn you, Waterstones blog, and I love you, local library).

Thinking of selling the motorbike was a momentary madness that within seconds had me booming No like the late unlamented Ian Paisley, so I am now plotting to write about a month spending only a tenner a week on groceries, hence budget healthy meals.

I am announcing this aim here as a motivational measure, since my lesser half kindly says I ‘have the attention span of a gnat – with ADHD’, and will update in a month with how it all goes. Take that, lesser half.

The Famous Five's Julian. Chauvinist extraordinaire.Also this week, I was rereading the Famous Five (Five on a Hike Together; judge me not) and came across the pictured gem above on the right, which caused me to snarl in a London park and remember just how much of a dick Julian is.

(The next few paragraphs have Julian calling George ‘my girl’ and telling her that ‘decent girls’ jolly well do want to be looked after by decent boys – pictured gem on the left.) There’s a PhD’s worth of material in Blyton and her contemporaries’ social politics, but luckily I’ve already decided to do mine on Lord of the Rings. No social politics there, oh no.

And finally, I have been in Rome. Not actually, alas, but writing about Hadrian’s Wall, Colchester, a conquering Claudian and other tawdry aspects of Roman Britain, carrying on an obsession that started with highly inappropriate glimpses of I, Claudius as someone much too young to glimpse them, and cemented by studying Roman history for A level and reading some play called Julius Caesar.

Not to sound too much like the Rebel of the Fourth a la Ginty Marlow, but my sudden studiousness after some years of being a royal pain in the arse did seem to shock the teaching establishment in my sixth form, to which I say if you’d let me study English lit, Roman/Greek history and the English Civil War from the start I’d have been a Pillar of the Establishment from day one. And then head girl like Darrell. Anyway, here’s a Roman Britain blog.  


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