Godspeed, little taters! The Martian, Peep Show and more scifi

Posted on December 24, 2014

Wrapping to Carols from KIng'sMerry Chrismark, all! (If you don’t know what Merry Chrismark means, I implore you to watch this. And if you still don’t know what it means, I suggest you have either a) a delightfully functional family, or b) lived in a goddamn bubble. Salutations. And huzzah!)

Either way, there must be books books books. *cue sleigh bells, slightly muffled because sleigh laden with books*

As I may have said, I’m on a scifi kick and am trying to catch up. And there is so much I haven’t read and so much I’m still reading that it makes me squiggle with joy.

It’s like reading for the first time. I’ve read Dickens and Shakespeare and Brontë, and Stoker and Steinbeck and Beckett and King. And Fitzgerald and Blyton and Montgomery, and Atwood, and Forest and Tolkien and Blume. Rowling and Homer, Salinger and Joyce. (Ooh, I feel a pome coming on. Also, apols for how poncey the above sounds. I is just momentarily carried away by book memories. Hobbits.)

But. I have a new genre. Yay, as Mark Watney would say. And that’s from The Martian, which I’m halfway through, and which I would recommend (so far) to anyone as a Really Quite Super Scifi. More recs very welcome. Godspeed, little taters. And Merry Chrismark!


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