Football, Eimear McBride and a draft very almost done

Posted on July 4, 2014

Coo! It's been quite a while – I blame the World Cup. And also finally – finally – seeing the end to the sequel of Taste the Bright Lights: only 3000 more words to go.

I've also been reading as for a wager: Josephine Tey, several mystery novels (I seem to prefer the Christie/Wodehouse/Tey dry style), more Shakespeare, the spectacularly good and sad Whatever Happened to Billy Parks, and the superb A Girl is a Half-formed Thing by someone I think I have a ladycrush on, Eimear McBride. (Note to the Guardian: her first name is *not* pronounced Eema!)

Huge congrats to Eimear and to the fab Galley Beggar Press (I also have a bit of a ladycrush on them) for believing in the book and for insisting it should be heard. It's been both interesting and a tad hilarious watching the flood of interviews and reviews insisting that of course the book is a work of genius – yet it's a book that took ten years even to be published. Kudos to both once more. Galley Beggar publish stories for £1 and send at least one to your inbox every month for a year for £12 – have a look at their publications here.

The referred to tickets in my last blog have (halfish) come to pass – I've been to We Will Rock You and they did play Bohemian Rhapsody (and I make no apology for 'singing' loudly into my glowstick); and Iron Maiden is tomorrow. The latest clutch of travel blogs – on Brittany, surfing and sailing, my advice for celebrities busting up, UK horse shows, a sporty summer and – of course – how to watch the World Cup:

Ten things to see and do in Brittany

Golf and gee-gees: how to have a sporty summer

Celebrity bust-ups

Horses for courses: the best of 2014's horse shows

A shore-fired guide to UK watersports

Back of the net: guide to watching the World Cup


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