EastEnders Who Killed Lucy? Live week review -- episodes 3, 4 and 5

Posted on February 21, 2015


Who Killed Lucy Beale?Well. WELL. The live episode was the best EastEnders since the two after Zoe Slater found out Kat was her mutha. In fact, it was better. It’s up there with the Christmas Day episode when Tanya and everyone else found out about Max shagging Stacey. And the Boxing Day one of 2014 when Danny Dire battered Deano across the turkey in the Queen Vic.

There was a lot of battering in the flashback episode the night before the fully live one, and all of Lucy. After a drawn out hour on Thursday night, when we FINALLY found out the killer was Jane, the action shifted back to the night Lucy died, in a further half-hour episode. I was none the wiser after a lot of it (Jay and Ben?), but did cheer at Abi’s sneering to dad Max that she’d seen Lucy and ‘battered her'. As did Jake (accidentally) and Denise (drunkenly), all on top of the fall and head injury Lucy had from earlier in the night after her fight with Max.

Jo Joyner fluffs her line in live EastEndersBut then! The killer wasn’t Jane after all! It was Bobby! Standing there in his jimjams, with the music box made of lead, looking all defiant like the type of Youth Yobbo who gives vapours to the Daily Mail.

I have to say I initially felt a bit swizzled. Bobby wasn’t one of the 13 suspects EastEnders had been relentlessly teasing us with for the past ten months, so I might have said ‘cockadoodie’ a few times like a cheated Annie Wilkes. They’d better pull this back with the live episode tomorrow, I muttered ominously to the cat, who looked at me unconcernedly and then started licking his arse in front of the TV.

And pull it back they did. Friday’s live half-hour was stupendous, as Ian realised Jane was lying, realised the killer must have been Bobby, and that Jane had dumped Lucy’s body on the common and told Bobby Lucy had woken up and gone out.

How someone (Jane) could allow someone they supposedly love (Ian) to torture themselves for months wondering what had happened to their daughter was something my innocent little mind couldn’t boggle, but it all worked out sniffingly well as Ian, Jane and Cindy decided to continue the coverup and that Bobby Could Never Know. Until the fortieth anniversary in 2025, that is.

I sniffled a bit. And I loved the fireworks. And Adam Woodyatt and Laurie Brett were bloody bloody brilliant and I hope they got very drunk after the cameras finally stopped rolling. The family group hug after Ian told Bobby he loved him! Sniff!

Bobbie Beale killed LucyThe week overall was a great hoot, from the internet memes when poor Jo Joyner fluffed her line and asked Jane ‘How’s Adam?’ instead of ‘How’s Ian?’, to the American teenager Bobbie Beale wondering why she was suddenly getting tweets from people in Scotland asking why she’d killed Lucy. Hilariously, her dog is actually called Lucy, which made me laugh so much I cried. Again.

I still think it was a bit cheaty to make the killer someone who wasn’t in the lineup, but I built a bridge and got over it pretty quickly. Not sure about Kaffy’s return though. Hmm. Still. An abfab week, and a relief to the other half, who said, ‘I’m so glad you’re not going to vow never to watch EastEnders again and rant about it for half an hour until you realise you could never boycott it and schedule in the next episode on the planner.’ Me too, other half. Me too.

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All pics © BBC; used for illustrative and non-profit purposes only


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