Summer summer summer: of bike festivals, Homecoming Scotland and the Eden Sessions

Posted on April 2, 2014

I is back! Illness struck over the past couple of weeks, and while I'm lucky enough to work from home in my writing job, everything else was bumped in favour of staying indoors, reading and cuddling my Build a Bear Dug. Alack and alas indeed.

The Taste the Bright Lights sequel is still crawling along at the pace of an ill and asthmatic snail, but I'm also sketching out a new book, continuing to market/sell Taste the Bright Lights, and plotting a couple of websites that Will Change the World. 

And summer is on the way and I went out without a coat today and am eyeing up our roof space again for working on sunny days. (Roof space on the roof, natch, not a term for 'attic'.) Hence, a summer 2014 events blog. Contains bike festivals and the World Cup.

Toodle pip!


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