Birthday chuffedness (yes, that's a word). Plus -- cheap books and St David's Day

Posted on February 27, 2014

Blimey My Taste the Bright Lights giveaway ended today, and 693 lovely people have requested a copy. 415 readers have added it and 353 now have it on their 'to read' shelves. That's probably small beer compared to some of the giveaways on here, but I am ruddy chuffed - thank you all.

To celebrate, a big discount! The ebook of Taste the Bright Lights is available for £0.99 to everyone who requested it or has added it to any of their shelves. (Perhaps not a 'this looks like a steaming pile of...' shelf.) Drop me a line and I'll send you my PayPal details then a copy (pls note this is likely to be mid-March as I'm what my mum calls 'up to my eyes' at the mo finishing off the sequel). 

I have also - natch - been blogging; this week on the what to see and do in Wales for St David's Day



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