A handle on Hendl -- bratwurst, Ockoberfest and a guide to German food

Posted on August 28, 2015

The School at the ChaletFrühstück, Abendessen and Mittengessen… terms I know only because of the Chalet School series.

Also kaffee und kuchen, a term I was immensely disappointed to discover during my first trip to Germany (Franconia) two years ago that literally means 'coffee and cake'.

(Yes, I know that's how it translates, but in the books it specifically refers to the big bowls of milky coffee and big plates of sugared twists that the girls have at around 4pm.*)

'I must have kaffee und kuchen!' I said on that first trip, in the excited tone that only an adult who still reads girls' school stories can muster, only to be told that the cappuccino and cheesecake right in front of me was, in fact, kaffee und kuchen.

Oh the shame. I am VERY happy to be told that this was in fact wrong, and that, as I always thought, kaffee und kuchen was what they had in the Chalet School. 

Anyway. Cough.

My in-laws have a big connection with Germany, I love Germany, my friends love Germany (one still tells the tale of getting lost, shitfaced and long-haired in Berlin, and steered kindly towards his hostel by a group of young men. 'You'd have got your face kicked in for that in Belfast,' he marvels. Often.)

Germany rocks, and especially in these refugee days. (Need to cry? Got PMT or a hangover? Watch this.) And so, I was vell up (sorry) to write a piece for work on German food. You can read it here

*And I know the Chalet School books are set in Austria (and Guernsey, and Wales, and Switzerland). But they speak German. Ja?


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